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The statistics demonstrate why falls continue to be a national public health concern. According to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall-related injury. But the good news is that many falls are preventable.

National Falls Prevention Awareness Week (September 20-24) is a good time to consider taking a free, award-winning, evidence-based program offered by GLSS called “A Matter of Balance,” which is proven to help older adults who have concerns about falling. Our workshop helps participants set reasonable goals for increasing activity; improves strength and balance; and suggests changes to your environment to reduce risk factors for falls. You can sign up to join a workshop at On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, GLSS’ Falls Prevention Specialist will offer live events via Uniper, a new communications tool offered free of charge to area residents by GLSS (to learn more, contact Andrew Wallace at 781-477-6702). This month’s episode of GLSS TV, airing on local cable TV stations and at, also features a segment about this important topic.

The National Council on Aging has a quick Falls Free CheckUp to help you determine your falls risk factors and ways to address them. Simple things like reviewing your medications regularly with your pharmacist or doctor to reduce the risk of side effects, using an assistive device, and getting an annual ear and eye exam can make a big difference. This isn’t just an issue affecting older adults—it’s a community-wide concern. Let’s work together to prevent falls!

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