Help at Home

Home Health Aid at Front DoorEvery day in the Greater Lynn area, we’re at work in the homes of more than 4,000 seniors and people living with disabilities. Why?  So they can hold on to something of immeasurable value: their ability to live independently.

GLSS offers programs to meet virtually every need.  In addition to traditional home care services, like housekeeping and grocery shopping, we offer many other unique programs for MassHealth-approved/eligible consumers, adults living with disabilities who reside in affordable housing, frail elders, and veterans.  We even offer several that allow you to purchase your own goods and services and hire your own workers—including family members—to care for you at home.

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Doing whatever we can to help you maintain your independence.

If you live in – certain buildings in Lynn or Saugus, help is available 24-hours a day.

In-home personal care and more for people age 22 and older who are approved or eligible for MassHealth and live in approved subsidized housing.

If you are age 60 and older and want more control over your care, this service model allows you to hire and pay your own worker—even your spouse or child—to assist you.

Providing choices and flexibility to veterans of all ages at risk of losing their independence.

If your needs are medically complex, this insurance-based care program can make a real difference.