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Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) dollars are the only federal funding source available for services to all victims of crime and the funds are at a historical low. Without action, this decrease in funds will result in a decrease in the number of victims and survivors that are served. We must bridge the gap for the thousands of survivors served by VOCA.

#VOCABridge is an initiative that aims to bridge the funding gap for victim service organizations. It will ensure that no victim is left underserved as we face impending federal funding cuts. Governor Healey introduced a supplemental funding bill to the Legislature that includes the remaining $20M investment that would fully fund the #VOCABridge. This funding is essential to mitigate the funding cuts that over 90 victim service programs are facing. We must fully bridge the gap through expeditiously passing the VOCA Bridge to ensure the sustainability of services for victims and survivors.

Join GLSS in encouraging legislators to pass this important measure.

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