You can still make a donation in honor of #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of generosity and unity in response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.


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Under normal circumstances, many seniors and people with disabilities living in our community face critical food, housing, and mobility challenges every day that undermine their life quality and put them at risk for health crises. During this unprecedented health emergency, these challenges have intensified. 

By donating to GLSS you can help make sure that more elders and people with disabilities who are struggling get the help they need.


Your donations support these programs:

Where the Need is Greatest
You might want to choose this option because of the changing circumstances around the COVID19 outbreak. This option allows GLSS to apply funds to the program most in need of funding. 

The Lique Living Legacy Fund
The fund allows the agency to reach beyond its human service mission to provide quick, meaningful assistance to clients needing a helping hand with unusual or unexpected expenses: the kind of emergencies that occur in everyone’s life but that can have a devastating effect on seniors struggling to maintain their independence. Quite simply, it buys a new pair of eyeglasses or needed food or an air conditioner to keep a homebound client comfortable during a heatwave.

The Caregiver Program
The Caregiver Program works with caregivers so they can keep their loved ones at home in a loving environment for as long as possible. The program provides education, support groups, and, if money allows, devices such as voice assistants, safety products, and tactile products to help at home.

Memory Cafe
Memory Cafes are a place where people with memory loss and their families and friends can share fun and laughter in a safe environment. GLSS hosts a Memory Cafe on the third Thursday of every month at the Lynn Museum from 10 am to 12 pm. We need your help to keep this going.

Meals on Wheels
Day in and day out, Meals on Wheels provides nutritious meals to homebound, isolated senior citizens and adults with disabilities. Sometimes the Meals on Wheels drivers are the only people they will see that day. It isn't just a meal; it is human contact. This helps make our communities more livable for everyone. Local companies can also help by sponsoring a route on our new Meals on Wheels Vans as well.

Emergency Fuel Assistance Fund
Like the Lique Living Legacy Fund, the Emergency Fuel Assistance Fund has been established to provide support to seniors in the community who are already “living on the edge,” just barely hanging on to their independence, struggling to make ends meet on very low, fixed incomes, forced to make difficult decisions in the face of rising energy costs.

Checks can be made payable to GLSS and sent to:
Greater Lynn Senior Services, 8 Silsbee Street Lynn, MA 01901.

Electronic Donations can be made by Paypal.
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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Our mission is to help seniors every day.

Some GLSS staff members describe the important work they do in continuing to reach out to those who are most vulnerable in our community:

Staff Stories Lisa

"It is definitely different these days, but I have one consumer who I am connecting with weekly as a support for her since she does not have any family involved. It has been a life line for her.  It is a weekly 20-30 minute conversation that she greatly appreciates."
Lisa, GLSS Home Care Case Manager

Staff Stories Jill

"The process to obtain the benefits our consumers need can be quite complex...when asked a question we don't have the answer to, our team slogan is 'I don't know, but I'll find out.' To see the smiles, and sometimes tears of joy, on our consumer's faces makes everyday a blessing."
Jill, GSSC and Public Benefits Specialist

Maureen Staff Stories

"I had an email exchange with a consumer who was requesting a GPS Lifeline...'always good to hear from you, I hope you are taking all of the necessary precautions and yes we can get you a GPS lifeline.' The consumer responded 'I'm taking all the precautions I can to protect myself and others by wearing a mask...I'm so pleased that you can help've been a life saver in helping me in the past and I appreciate you as a person. Can't thank you enough.'"
Maureen, GLSS Supportive Housing Program Manager MSW

Kelly Staff Stories

"I have been seeing a consumer for several months for bereavement therapy. We are not able to meet in person currently. This was difficult as the first anniversary of his wife’s death was approaching. We speak by phone every week. He has been very appreciative of being able to maintain our connection especially during what he described as the anniversary of the hardest week of his life."
Kelly Daugherty, LMHC, GLSS Kiosk for Living Well Programs

“Through our mobile mental health program, we work with elders already managing many mental health challenges...depression, anxiety and grief/loss. During a recent call, a client mentioned...‘I know you’re calling every week and we can go over anything that I need to talk about. I don’t know what I would do without you.’”
Meredith, GLSS Mental Health Specialist, LICSW

“(A client) had to move to another apartment because there were plumbing issues. He previously had bed bugs so he needed a new mattress too. We got him moved with a new bed. I can’t tell you how many times he thanked me and blessed me.”
Marge, GLSS Community Resources Program Manager, LSW

“My client’s daughter has been sober for many years and lost her community supports due to the need for social distancing. I mailed her a list of online AA resources along with a supportive letter to make sure she took care of herself too! The daughter called to thank me for this life saving resource as she was in need of this outlet and support.”
Diane, GLSS Protective Services Worker

“I built relationships with my Move Safe class so during this rough time in our community...I still call my regular class attendees and tease them about still doing their Fall Prevention CDC exercises. They love to hear what I am doing and my dog Brodie, of course!”
Sylvia, GLSS Move Safe Counselor

“...a client found herself without any resource for obtaining groceries/food delivery. I helped her explore her options and facilitated dialogue between her, her PCP, and the GLSS nutrition department to make arrangements for delivery of Home Delivered Meals. She has since described this intervention as life saving for her.”
Lynn, GLSS Mental Health Specialist, LMHC

Giving Tuesday Gretchen

"Food insecurity, which is always a problem among the people I serve, is even more pronounced right now and requires even more support to help people. Some consumers with young children have lost their caregivers and cannot leave home to shop. Others are too ill or frightened to go out. Sometimes, I have to shop for the consumer and leave food on their doorstep." 
Gretchen, GLSS Care Coordinator

Giving Tuesday Juan

"One Spanish-speaking consumer was concerned about an overdue tax bill, which he would normally pay in person at city hall. With a lot of coaching, I was able to help him use the on-line payment system, which to further complicate things, was English-language only." 
Juan, GLSS Care Coordinator

Giving Tuesday Rosemary

“Nurses and case managers are triaging cases daily, sometimes more than once. The nursing team is taking extra time to follow up with consumers who may be feeling uneasy or lonely during this time of uncertainty.  The team follows up with consumers or their families who may have tested positive, offering a friendly ‘nurse’ call and letting them know we are still here for them.”
Rosemary, GLSS Nurse Manager, RN

Giving Tuesday Michelle

“One thing that has blossomed during this time is a deepened sense of teamwork among staff and the providers we work with—physician’s offices and medical staff at hospitals, VNAs, and hospices. Vendor nurses are our ‘boots on the ground,’ and we continue to develop and nurture wonderful professional relationships with them. ”
Michelle, GLSS Home Care Nurse Supervisor, RN