The Kiosk for Living Well

Man sitting at the Kiosk for Living Well

Some places that the Kiosk has been set up include:

  • Senior Centers
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Community Clinics
  • Libraries
  • Health Fairs


The Kiosk for Living Well Logo

Give your community a "pulse point" to inspire them to live well.

The Kiosk for Living Well™ offers an interactive space where persons of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life can gain access to life-changing information and resources.

With your sponsorship, GLSS can set up one, two or more Kiosks in your community in the Massachusetts area.

For communities in other parts of the country, we have a training progarm, tracking metrics, content calendar, recommended technology, and electronic content that work together to bring these pulse points to your area.

For more on this award winning program, visit The Kiosk for Living Well website.


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