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Rent a room to another generation and start a new friendship

Do you have an unused spare bedroom in your home?  Would you like some extra income each month?  Would you like the company of a new housemate, and possibly some help with household chores?

If you answered “YES” to the questions above, then you may be interested in an exciting new Homesharing model coming to the Greater Lynn area!

Nesterly is a company that facilitates intergenerational homesharing relationships where older homeowners rent rooms to younger students.  The homeowners are able to have some extra income (around $500/month) and can also get assistance with small chores/tasks around the home from their renter (snow removal, trash/recycling removal, carry in groceries, etc.), in exchange for a reduced rent amount.  Nesterly takes care of all background checks and processing of rent payments, and provides ongoing supports and monitoring throughout the duration of the homeshare.
In the Greater Lynn area, Nesterly is partnering with the Year Up program and North Shore Community College to support low-income students in finding stable, affordable housing.

What are the benefits to renting out your unused spare room?
•    Extra income – the financial burdens of homeownership can make it difficult to stay in the home and neighborhood you love
•    Help around the house – ordinary home maintenance tasks such as snow removal, lawn care, and trash removal can become challenging for homeowners as we age
•    Enjoy some company – social isolation that comes from living alone is a risk factor for certain health concerns.  Social interaction from homesharing benefits the host AND the guest!
•    Give back – unsafe or unaffordable housing can prevent young adults from completing the education they need to start a career
•    Homeowners with many years of professional and life experience can offer mentorship and example to young students and professionals just beginning to make their way

In order to be a qualifying Nesterly “host,” you need to have a spare bedroom in your home, with access to a bathroom.  Your guest may get a discount on their rent by helping with certain chores around the home, if that is the arrangement you would like.  There is not an age requirement for the homeowner, but it tends to be retirees or empty nesters who would benefit from the extra income and want to give back to support students just starting out.

Want to sign up?  Or just want to learn more?  Contact Yasmel Ramirez, the homeshare coordinator at GLSS, at, or call 781-599-0110.

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