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Rent a Room in Your Home

Join Nesterly and turn your spare room into monthly income!

To help get the word out about this exciting program, GLSS is teaming up with Nesterly, a company that facilitates intergenerational homesharing arrangements, matching homeowners who have spare rooms to rent with students in need of affordable housing.

Nesterly has been operating in Boston for a few years and has recently begun working with YearUp, a one year education and internship program for students at North Shore Community College.

If you are a Lynn or Swampscott homeowner who could use some extra income as well as household support provided by a Nesterly guest, consider signing up for this program.

What’s in it for the homeowner?
•    Trustworthy tenant – Nesterly does background checks and helps develop tenant contracts
•    Monthly rental income (around $500) – all financial transactions are handled by Nesterly
•    Help around the home – tenants can get a discount on their rent if they provide household assistance such as shoveling snow, taking out the trash, carrying in groceries, etc.
•    Companionship – daily interactions with a tenant can help with the social isolation an older homeowner may experience.

Homeowner Requirements:
•    Have a spare room and access to a bathroom (bathroom can be shared)
•    Live in Lynn or Swampscott
•    Note that there is NOT an age requirement for the homeowners

If you have a spare room at home and are interested in renting to a North Shore Community College student, contact Yasmel Ramirez at, or (781) 599-0110.